To restore our customers’ vehicles properly and safely and to earn our customers’ trust through our actions and results.

Stoughton Auto Body Shop Photo Stoughton Auto Body is a second generation, family owned and operated business. Owners, Mark and Tina Millman are on-site to assist you with your auto collision and insurance related questions.

bldg300For fourteen straight years Stoughton Auto Body has won the “Best of the Best Award” for the #1 Area’s Best Auto Body Shop by our customers. We strive to not only satisfy but delight our customers.

Stoughton Auto Body has a proven reputation of providing superior customer service, and delivering exceptional collision repair service while building trust among our customers.

At Stoughton Auto Body we work for YOU, our customer, not the insurance company. We know they have a contract with you to return your vehicle properly and safely and we make that happen.

At Stoughton Auto Body we know all too well that “accidents happen.” It’s an unfortunate fact of life. Our job is to make the repair process as easy and painless as possible. And since 1957, we’ve been doing just that.

At Stoughton Auto Body you are our customer. The insurance company is often simply paying the bill with your paid premiums.

Here at Stoughton Auto Body we believe in informing our customers of their rights when it comes to repairing their vehicles. Each and every collision repair job is different. Knowing our customers needs, we are able to empower and arm them with accurate information in regards to Massachusetts laws and regulations so they can make the best decisions when it comes to the repair of their vehicles.

Whether you have a brand new vehicle and want an “invisible” repair or a vehicle that has been deemed a total loss, Stoughton Auto Body will coach you on what you can expect from your insurance company to ensure you receive proper remuneration for your loss. We offer advice you can trust.