Do I have to use a shop listed by my insurance company?

NO. You have the absolute right to select an auto repair facility of your choice. The highlighted names on the list you received have a contract with your insurance company. This contract contains what we believe is a list of concessions, including but not limited to pricing and parts, which may not necessarily benefit you. At Stoughton Auto Body we believe in sharing our extensive knowledge of auto insurance claims with our customers. This helps ensure that your insurance company pays you to get your vehicle repaired properly and safely. After all, they’ve already collected your premiums and your contract with the insurance company is an important element to the repair process.

Having never been in an accident before, how do I know what information to trust?

By making it our business to know our customers’ needs, we are able to empower and arm you with accurate information in regards to Massachusetts laws and regulations so you can make the best decisions when it comes to repairing your vehicle. We are a member of the Alliance Of Automotive Service Providers Massachusetts (AASP-MA) – an affiliation that our customers view as a very powerful resource. We also tell our customers to simply ask people in the town of Stoughton and the surrounding towns who they would recommend.

How will I know that my vehicle will look like it did prior to the accident?

Whether your vehicle is straight out of the showroom floor and you want an “invisible” repair or is a few years old, we will do everything we can to ensure you receive proper remuneration for your loss. With over 50 years in the business, we offer advice you can trust, we have the staff to repair your vehicle safely and properly with a written warranty.

My vehicle was towed after a collision. Do I have to have it fixed at that repair shop?

NO. Although initially, your thoughts may turn to convenience, you need to make sure your vehicle is in a repair facility with properly trained technicians that has state of the art equipment and is willing to assist you with the claims process. If your vehicle has been declared a total loss STOUGHTON AUTO BODY can also assist you by preparing you for this unpleasant task to give you piece of mind.

I need pictures taken for insurance coverage purposes. Do you perform these inspections?

YES. This procedure is different from the MA inspection sticker that goes on your windshield. This paperwork provides your insurance company with documentation specific to your vehicle such as pre-existing damage or any accessories.

My insurance company said they guarantee repairs and that you are not on their list. Why should I go to you?

First, an insurance company does not guarantee work. They have a contract with some shops who agree to various concessions based on financial reasons. We are a registered shop in the state of Massachusetts which allows us to work on all insurance related claims. We can help you through the process of not only getting your car repaired, but also directing you through the sometimes confusing claims process. If you call us first after an accident, we will make the process as painless as possible. We have a good working relationship with all insurance companies and find it extremely rare to be unable to negotiate a proper repair.

Why is my insurance company estimate different (translation - less) than your estimate?

They shouldn’t differ widely, but here is why they sometimes do. In the collision repair industry, the labor rates set on behalf of the insurance companies are artificially established. Therefore, the dollars assigned to labor hours are much lower that what it really takes to properly and safely repair today’s advanced vehicles. A rate, by the way, which hasn’t increased in approximately 10 years. Another difference may be parts – writing for new parts versus aftermarket or used parts – prices vary greatly.

What makes your employees qualified to work on my late model vehicle?

At Stoughton Auto Body we believe in ongoing training for our employees, both office staff and technicians. Training enhances our ability to perform not only an aesthetically superior repair but also is essential in achieving a functional and safe repair with today’s sophisticated vehicles. Our education affiliates include but are not limited to ICAR, ASE, DuPont and ALLDATA.